Vol 01 issue 01 September 2019


Detection and classification of defects in a photovoltaic system using the neuronal approach.

Alla Eddine Toubal Maamar, Samir Ladjouzi, Rachid Taleb and Yacine Kacimi.

2. Chemical properties of polyphenols extracted from olive mill wastewater of chamlal variety

Kebbab-Massime Ryma, Moulti-Mati Farida, and Abderrahim Benmoussat.

3. Energy-quality assessment of the phoenicicole biomassbiofuel Timjauhart and Tafiziouin cultivar case.

Bousdira Khalida, Nouacer Asma and Ben Khelifa Amel.

4. Evaluation of wind turbine performances located in two sites of the Algerian Sahara.

Mezidi Ahmed, Guerri Ouahiba and Mohammedi Kamel.

5. Study of the influence of parameters on silicon monocrystalline polycrystalline in solar converters.

M.A.Ouaridhene , A.Benmoussat and M. Benatallah

6. Study of solar distillation processes for the production of drinking water in arid zones(case of Timiaouine).

Bahous Nasri, Ali Benatiallah, and Slimane Kalloum

7. Desalination of groundwater by solar distillator (Tamanrasset).

Abdelaziz Bouhoreira, Brahim Labed and Hocine Bekhti

8. Study on the photovoltaıc panels characterıstıcs - case of tamanrasset sıte,

Messaoud Abdelmoumene, , Rahma Benamoud, Mohamed Benatallah,Abderrahim Benmoussat